Hire the perfect team member who works 24/7, never complains and brings in new patients.

(and doesn't ask for employee benefits).
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Reduce Costs

Connect with potential patients and reduce the time and expense of having a patient visit your office who is not ready to start treatment. Instead, you can qualify your patients for treatment ahead of time. 

Build Trust

Develop a relationship with your potential patients faster and easier by answering their questions, helping them find information and inviting the to your office for a consultation. 

Schedule Appointments

Once a patient has the information they need, they will be ready to schedule an appointment. Your SmileBot will help you do that with ease.

Filling the Seats in Your Office Faster

Chat bots are transforming the dental industry and making it easier for doctors to connect with potential patients, answer questions and schedule an appointment. Rather than pay for expensive hosted chat systems or train and re-train staff members, SmileBot can help you transform the way you are reaching new patients and increase the number of patient starts quickly.